Empower friends

Your existing organization and friends are your best assets to accelerate your message. Increase employee and partner engagement with a simple and easy-to-use platform.

Easy to use

You don't want your friends to work hard to help you. Eliminate "push back" when asking employees to share your content.

Extend your reach

Multiply your efforts with your organization's help. Employees and partners become authoritative in your industry.

We will be telling you about our early successes very soon.

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Our Team

Until we go live, our team needs to stay in stealth mode. Sorry.

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Accelerate your message delivery

Have you ever...
...received a request from a co-worker to share a blog post?
...wanted to get a new press release in front of as many partners and customers as possible?
...wanted to improve the SEO of your site by having links shared on as many social media networks as possible?

Then Anune is for you.

Our service will rapidly share the good news that you have created. Your friends, co-workers, and existing network will gladly help you share your information quickly and widely.

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